Professional Liability Insurance specially designed for

Chiropractic Evaluators.

Malpractice Professional Liability Insurance for Chiropractic Evaluators

We provide Chiropractor Malpractice Professional Liability at the most reasonable prices in Canada without having to pay agency fees, service fees or joining another association just to purchase their group policy. On average we save Canadian Chiropractors $400 or more with no additional charges and /or hidden fees.

We have Specialized in Professional Liability since our inception in 1981.

Professional Liability Insurance protects Licensed Chiropractors from incidents arising from services rendered as a Chiropractor, subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions under the policy. It protects you for liability arising from negligence while rendering or failure to render professional services.

Coverage is provided for damages resulting from negligent acts, errors or omissions in the conduct of professional services as a Chiropractor including Acupuncture and Osteopaths. Cost of defense even where the insured is found at fault. Prior acts coverage claims arising from acts, errors or omissions committed or alleged to have been committed prior to the inception date of the insurance and which are unknown at the time of the insurance application.

Program Highlights*:

  • Comprehensive "Claims Made" Coverage
  • Criminal cost defense costs $100,000
  • Reimbursement for Coronor's inquest $25,000
  • Disciplinary Legal Expense reimbursment $25,000
  • Disciplinary Legal Expense reimbursment $10,000 for sexual allegations
  • Legal expense reimbursement investigation coverage $25,000
  • Retroactive Date: Date of initial purchase of continuous claims made coverage (otherwise inception of policy)
  • Prior Acts coverage included
  • Extended Reporting Period: Automatic 30 days in the event of non-renewal or cancellation (for other than nonpayment of premium) at no charge.
  • No additional charge for entity coverage for sole proprietors operating Personal Service Corporations.
  • No charge for staff (including secretaries) and students under your supervision
  • CGL and Property coverage available
  • automatic Retirement option for additional 5 years coverage

* please consult your actual wording as claims are only paid based upon policy issued.


In addition to the above, we have specialized programs for Acupunture, Osteopathy, Massage, Sports Therapy, Rehabilitation, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, Naturpathy and over 150 other therapies.


Apply for Coverage:

Annual Rates starting approx $1950 for $1,000,000 per claim / $3,000,000 annual aggregate

Coverage meets the requirements for licensed Chiropractors.

To apply for coverage download -> Program application

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